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Our own Todd VanHoogstrate was featured on the 3D Printing PodCast Episode 412. Check out the site below or even better, link into the PODCAST!


Volcano Challenge Release

The newest Rippl3D Challenge, Volcano 1.0, is the first to demonstrate the best of what Rippl3D has to offer. Besides being a fun chemical engineering challenge, it’s design come from the combined talents of our users. The Volcano Challenge was conceived by a senior Chemical Engineering student, Ryan Macy, from the University of Kentucky – Lexington – GO WILDCATS! He was looking for a challenge that they could use for their E-Day (engineering day STEM event). Being familiar with Rippl3D’s other challenges, he wanted to find a way to turn the age old “Baking Soda and Vinegar” reaction into a challenge. Thanks Ryan, the Volcano Challenge ERUPTS!

The results are awesome!TS-V1-0

The Volcano Challenge required a new WebGL modeling component for the configurable 3D Printed Nozzle of the volcano. For this, Rippl3D turned to a collaboration with Pattonville High School programing teacher “Jeremiah Simmons”. Jeremiah was recognized in 2015 for his ground breaking efforts for PLTW’s new Computer Science program. He is excited to help students advance their skills into many aspects of the web. Rippl3D is working to provide students real opportunities to build their resumes and make a couple of bucks doing it!  Jeremiah is key to make this a reality by providing the students with skills and mentoring to make this possible. Thanks Jeremiah and keep up the great work!

Jeremiah SimmonsPHS Pirate colorPattonville District

The Volcano Challenge represents everything we hope to foster with Rippl3D! If you have additional challenge ideas we would love to hear from you. Please contact us with your ideas and we would be happy to follow up with you to make it a reality.


Rippl3D Reaches a Milestone 1,000+ In Our First Year

One year after Rippl3D began, as a modest grass roots effort, we have surpassed a major milestone. At the time of this post, 1,093 unique 3D Printed solutions have been completed by 711 players that worked to solve one of the three Rippl3D Challenges. We are so excited that kids and adults alike are drawn to participate in the events. Much like an amusement ride, it is amazing to watch kids wait in lines with anticipation to participate. It is clear that as we make more events, challenges and 3D printers available, kids and parents are ready and eager to engage.

We greatly appreciate our Foundational Partner, SME and our industry supporters that helped us make this possible. Here’s to another great year with a goal to multiply our impacts!

Association for Manufacturing Technology – Features Rippl3D Article

The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) featured the article “Rippl3D: Bridging the Gap in 3D Print Educations” in the August 2015 addition of Additive Manufacturing. We are thrilled that the industry is recognizing the role that Rippl3D can play in workforce development. Although we have made every attempt to make Rippl3D a FUN experience, it also delivers some REAL value. Looking at the challenges young people are facing, it is so important to make available alternatives that can make a difference in their future. Rippl3D is committed to making this possible and thanks all of our industry partners for their critical role in helping us reach as many students as possible!

See the full article AMT Article – Rippl3D: Bridging the Gap in 3D Print Education

NAVY Hosts Rippl3D Hovercraft Challenge at International Submarine Races!

The NAVY will host the Rippl3D Hovercraft Challenge at the 2015 International Submarine Races at NSWCCD! Participants will learn how 3D Printers can be leveraged to teach principles for thrust and lift.

Screengrab from Navy's video for the new slogan "America's Navy, A global force for good"  (official Navy video)GO NAVY!

NAVY Demonstrates Rippl3D Hovercraft Challenge At National Maker Faire!

Screengrab from Navy's video for the new slogan "America's Navy, A global force for good"  (official Navy video)The NAVY demonstrates the Rippl3D Hovercraft Challenge at the National Makers Faire.



Rippl3D goes to Detroit & Spotlighted on CBS Detroit

CBS DetroitSME and the SME Student Foundation hosted the debut of the Rippl3D Wind Turbine Challenge 2.0 – Max Power!

This event was fantastic and we want make a special shout out to ThingSmith (a Detroit area 3D Printing service provider) for their great support and Square One (a great STEM organization) for introducing Rippl3D to their community! The students had a good time and left with some thoughts of their own, see the video

This was part of a feature on CBS Detroit

We also want to congratulate our two daily winners of the Wind Turbine Challenge 2.0

  • Day 1 – Michael Berry Career Center, Dearborn Public Schools
  • Day 2 – Oakland Schools Technical Campus South East, Royal Oaks, IL (featured image)

Oakland Team Celebration Dance

2015-06-03 12.16.11 - Copy

Materialise Includes Rippl3d On “Ideas Worth Making” Website

Rippl3D was picked up by Materialise as “Ideas Worth Making”! We are thrilled that one of the major players in the 3D Printing industry has included Rippl3D in there new effort to direct teacher to meaningful ways to use 3D Printers!

Thanks Materialise & Ideas Worth Making!

IWMlogoAbout “Ideas Worth Making”

We believe that 3D Printing can add value in education so we challenged teachers with the question: ‘’Imagine you have a 3D printer, how would you use it to make education more engaging?” The teachers had no shortage of ideas (and 3D models) which they shared on our Ideas Worth Making platform. Afterwards, we challenged Makers to further help these teachers in realizing their ideas and give education a boost.

This is how Ideas Worth Making became a platform where passionate people share Ideas and 3D models to make stuff that matters for Education.

Teachers benefit from these tools to make education more engaging, tangible and comprehensive. It will allow them to educate children in ways that once seemed only within reach of the imagination:

  • Making the invisible visible: visualize cells, viruses, and bacteria in their 3D forms
  • Making the abstract concrete: geometric shapes, a Pythagoras tree
  • Bringing the ancient back to life: saber-toothed tigers, a 3D timeline
  • Making the giant tangible: a lunar eclipse, cross-sections of planets
  • Tuning the universal to special needs: custom-made pen grips, books for the blind

Makers on the other hand enjoy having a creative project to work on and feel proud if the project will have an impact on others!

Welcome SME as our Founding Partner!

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and Rippl3D have joined forces to deliver STEM educational experiences to the nation. Rippl3D will be hosted by the SME Education Foundation at 6 National events in 2015. In addition, SME and Rippl3D will be working together to leverage the best of both organizations strengths to provide the top quality learning experiences. Check out the event calendar to find an event near you!