Have you asked any of these questions?

  • How can I use 3D printing more often & more affordably for STEM education?
  • We’ve invested in some great STEM projects, but I think we could take it a step further?
  • We are getting some of the students engaged in STEM, but what about the others?
  • How could we host an event to get more people excited about STEM/STEAM in our community?

Rippl3D Provides!

Easy to use Web-App

  • A web-app that enables you to run engaging Challenges that help kids identify their interests in STEM/STEAM.
  • App creates STL files that can be readily 3D Printed with most desk top 3D printers
    • Exports STL Files
    • Files are designs to print fast! 10-15 minutes for most parts
    • Prints are very affordable, only pennies of material are required
  • Competitions can be small (classrooms

Leverage existing STEM technologies

  • Leveraging exciting technologies, like 3D Printing, attracts new students and parent to try the fast paced Challenges and dip their toes into the STEM pool.
  • We are working with our partners to expand our challenges to leverage existing STEM resources in robotics, hydraulics, controls, etc.

Engage more Students

  • Our growing pool of challenges let’s you mix it up and keep them coming back for new experiences
  • The simple interface and fast paced challenges provide the perfect recipe for successful community events of any size
    • Home
    • Classrooms
    • Libraries
    • Conventions

Rippl3D's Added Value!

  • Open source teaching aids, handouts and resources to support a great event!
  • Results based outcomes captured in a rich database that can be used to track topic understanding and teach data analytics.
  • A continuously growing set of Challenges!

How can I use Rippl3D?

Player are always FREE!

  • Create a use account to enable you to track your attempts
  • Join a competition
  • Create your designs
  • Build your solutions
  • Test your designs to see your results
  • Try again!

Run a Competition at your Event!

  • Purchase a Rippl3D license (annual license with unlimited events)
  • Pick a Challenge
  • Pick an Event date and Location
  • Set up your Competition with the Coordinator Tools
  • Gather the supporting resources from the “open source” challenge resource list
  • Start your competition

Join Rippl3D & our Partners @ National Events!

  • Watch our event calendar for dates & locations