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    Working together with our Partners, we can leverage valuable STEM/STEAM resources and provide high quality experiences to a wider audience! If you would like to join us as a Partner please check out our partners page.

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    2018 was another great year. We would like to thank our players and partners that  joined us at the all of the Competitions in 2018, we look forward to another great year! Check out the event calendar to see… Read More

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Have you asked any of these questions?

  • How can I use 3D printing more often & more affordably for STEM education?
  • We’ve invested in some great STEM projects, but I think we could take it a step further?
  • We are getting some of the students engaged in STEM, but what about the others?
  • How could we host an event to get more people excited about STEM/STEAM in our community?

Rippl3D Provides!

Easy to use Web-App

  • A web-app that enables you to run engaging Challenges that help kids identify their interests in STEM/STEAM.
  • App creates STL files that can be readily 3D Printed with most desk top 3D printers
    • Exports STL Files
    • Files are designs to print fast! 10-15 minutes for most parts
    • Prints are very affordable, only pennies of material are required
  • Competitions can be small (classrooms

Leverage existing STEM technologies

  • Leveraging exciting technologies, like 3D Printing, attracts new students and parent to try the fast paced Challenges and dip their toes into the STEM pool.
  • We are working with our partners to expand our challenges to leverage existing STEM resources in robotics, hydraulics, controls, etc.

Engage more Students

  • Our growing pool of challenges let’s you mix it up and keep them coming back for new experiences
  • The simple interface and fast paced challenges provide the perfect recipe for successful community events of any size
    • Home
    • Classrooms
    • Libraries
    • Conventions

Rippl3D's Added Value!

  • Open source teaching aids, handouts and resources to support a great event!
  • Results based outcomes captured in a rich database that can be used to track topic understanding and teach data analytics.
  • A continuously growing set of Challenges!

How can I use Rippl3D?

Player are always FREE!

  • Create a use account to enable you to track your attempts
  • Join a competition
  • Create your designs
  • Build your solutions
  • Test your designs to see your results
  • Try again!

Run a Competition at your Event!

  • Purchase a Rippl3D license (annual license with unlimited events)
  • Pick a Challenge
  • Pick an Event date and Location
  • Set up your Competition with the Coordinator Tools
  • Gather the supporting resources from the “open source” challenge resource list
  • Start your competition

Join Rippl3D & our Partners @ National Events!

  • Watch our event calendar for dates & locations


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