MARS Rover Challenge IOS APP Released!

Apple Store

IOS APP Description

This app makes MARS Rover Challenge event setup and team scoring easy. The leaderboard provides a fun way to track team’s progress toward solving a MARS Rover Mission. Providing an interactive way to encourage students/teams to try new designs and improve their Rover performance.
In the MARS Rover Challenge, teams are given a mission and a kit of parts, based on VistaAST’s INNOVEX Projects “Gaining Traction on Mars” The mission is to configure the parts and build a MARS Rover that can best achieve the mission goals. The MARS Rovers at tested on both sandy and rocky terrains. The results of both tests are combined to score how well the MARS Rover performed. The MARS Rover Challenge explores how wheel size, gears, and drive type can be optimized to complete the specified mission.

Getting Started

Learn about the Rippl3D MARS Rover Challenge

App Functions

Event Setup

Create events, setup Mission target times, and recognize event supporters.

Team Setup

Define team names, logos, and even capture images of their unique Rover designs.

Capture Scores

Input teams results on the two different tracks to get a score. Score input can have an optional PIN configured to keep unauthorized scores from being entered.


Displays results for each team. Multiple devices and be used to input scores and display results. Super-Size it by using an AppleTV device to display the Leaderboard on a large screen TV! Plus, every time there is a change in the leader, stars explode from the screen to highlight their achievement!

Mars Rover Challenge Mission

A team’s mission is to configure their MARS ROVER to navigate the course terrains in the designated travel time. ROVERS traveling too fast could damage sensitive cargo. ROVERS traveling too slow would not be able to get the necessary supplies to their way-point in time.
The goal is to come as close as possible to the designated travel time on both terrains with the same ROVER configuration.
This challenge is ideal for high school and older groups. It was developed in partnership with VistaAST’s INNOVEX Projects “Gaining Traction on Mars”

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