Rippl3D challenges are designed to engage students in fun and meaningful design and problem solving experiences. Working with our Partners we are continually developing  a growing variety of challenges that leverage STEM resources like 3D printers and our partners STEM Kits. Challenges can be adjusted in complexity to address audiences from K to Grey.

Challenge Types

3D Printing Challenges

  • These are designed to be fast paced.
  • Players select design parameters to design unique solutions.
  • The integrated CAD modeler displays 3D solid models of the solutions.
  • 3D models can be downloaded as STL Files for 3D printing.
  • STL solutions will print on most desktop printers in 15 minutes or less for pennies of material costs.
  • The resulting 3D printed parts are then tested to evaluate how their design performs.
  • Multiple attempts expose trends and which design parameters are critical to performance.

STEM Kit Challenges

  • These challenges leverage our partners existing STEM Kits.
  • Challenges lead students to understand how to optimize solutions to achieve a desired outcome.
  • Players select design options to form unique solutions that are built and tested.
  • Multiple attempts expose trends and which design parameters are critical to performance.

Unlimited Challenges

  • This challenge is for advanced players.
  • Players are given an objective and the interface requirements to a test standard.
  • Using their own resources (solid modeling software, 3D printers, electronics, programming) they develop solutions.
  • Testing their results to see how well they performed.
  • Players are encouraged to include an artistic element in their solutions and results are judged by peer groups for value.


RIPPL3D Challenges!

Rocket Challenge

Rocket Challenge

The Rocket Challenge explores how nose cone weight and tail fin geometry interact to provide stable flight. An air pressure launcher provides a fun and exciting way to test your rocket designs. The challenge can be played rapidly by letting players choose from predefined tail fin configurations or expanded by letting players design their own custom tain fins. This challenge also offers three ways to evaluate rocket flight:

  • Max Points – looks at stability and accuracy by attempting to hit a down range target
  • Max Distance – looks at what design efficiencies allow you to get down range the farthest
  • Max Apogee – looks at how to get the most efficient rocket without compromising stability

This challenge has setup options for indoor and outdoor fun and can be played with all ages.

Wind Turbine Challenge

Wind Turbine Challenge

The Wind Turbine Challenge helps players understand how turbine blades perform under different conditions. Players are tasked to design turbine blades to achieve design goals like highest RPM or most power. This challenge demonstrates how wind turbine blades can be used to generate electrical power from the wind. Can you find the most optimized turbine blade design?

Rover Challenge

Rover Challenge

The Rover Challenge explores how wheel size and gears can be optimized to obtain a specified mission.

Your mission is to configure a MARS ROVER to navigate the course terrains in the designated travel time. ROVERS traveling too fast could damage sensitive cargo. ROVERS traveling too slow would not be able to get the necessary supplies to their way point in time. Your goal is to come as close as possible to the designated travel time on both terrains with the same Rover configuration. Each team will design a mission patch to uniquely identify your team and celebrate your mission.

This challenge is ideal for high school and older groups. It was developed in partnership with VistaAST based on their NASA Rover Kit and Curriculum.

Hovercraft Challenge

Hovercraft Challenge

The Hovercraft Challenge 1.0 explores how air pressure and optimized vent size, quantity and locations can be used to provide both thrust and lift. By finding the ultimate combinations of thrusters and lift, players are challenged to get their hovercraft to travel a specified distance in the shortest amount of time. This challenge is great for all ages.

Volcano Challenge

Volcano Challenge

The Volcano Challenge explores how the baking soda and vinegar reaction is affected by variations of mixtures and the various configurations of a 3D printed nozzle. Players will be challenged to find the perfect combinations of baking soda, vinegar, and water to obtain the highest eruption! This challenge is great for outdoors, but can be run indoors also with the aid of a test chamber. This challenge is great for all ages.

We want to acknowledge the University of Kentucky, Lexington’s Chemical Engineering Student – Ryan Macy for this Challenge Design! GO WILDCATS!