Our Mission

Our Mission is Simple

Create and deploy innovative and affordable tools that enable anyone, but especially youth, to have meaningful experiences that help them identify their interest and grow their knowledge and wisdom related to engineering and manufacturing.

But Very Difficult

Making a difference and providing alternatives, to the mass of “junk food” options available for entertainment, is not something that is easy to get people to embrace. “Come on, come get your vegi’s!” Don’t misunderstand, the value of a favorite sweet is not missed on us. But the option to have something else, something that can open minds to new possibilities or help them find skills they never even knew they had, is what we are working to provide. This takes a steady stream of new ideas that are fresh, exciting, and increasing in difficulty, so our future generations of engineers, scientists, and manufactures can continue to develop your new found skills. We have design Rippl3D to be a fun and engaging environment to explore and have fun finding and growing the skills they have been gifted!