Engage Your Community In STEM/STEAM Today!

RIPPL3D provides fun Challenges that you can add to your STEM/STEAM events. The Competitions are fast paced enabling many participants. Complexity can be scaled up or down to serve a wide range of students from K to Grey.


Classrooms, Home School, Libraries, Scouts, Maker Faires, birthday parties, non-STEM related community events (art shows, food events, sporting events).



Rippl3D provides a continually growing supply of Challenges that leverage existing STEM resources, like 3D Printers. Rippl3D Challenges provide meaningful content that is optimized for 3D printing. Challenges are designed to provide STL files that can be printed in 15 minutes or less and costs only pennies per part.


Adding a Rippl3D Challenge to your Event will provide excitement and encourage students to engage in a unique and creative Competition. The fast pace allows many students to participate.




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