Test Stands

Test Stands

Each Challenge requires a test stand to evaluate the design choices a play selected. We strive to leverage existing STEM resources wherever possible by working with our partners. In addition, some challenges will include a DIY test stand with open source models and parts list to give you a jumpstart.

Build Your Own

We provide you a parts list and STL files. You can source your own parts and 3D Print the STL files yourself. It will take some time, but you can save a few bucks and learn a bunch!


If you have your own 3D Printer this is a great option. We will supply you with a kit of purchased parts excluding the 3D Printed parts. You download the STL files and build your own. Once those are complete, assemble your test stand and you are off and running!

Ready To Go

These Test Stands are fully assembled and ready to go!

Partner Resources

These are STEM kits you may already own or can purchase from our Partners!


Test Stand

Rover Challenge

This challenge requires a prebuilt kit that can be purchased at our online store.

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Hovercraft Challenge 1.0

IMG_0970Because you can run several Hovercraft at a time, you might consider making or purchasing additional printed parts kits so that more players can participate at one time!

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Rocket Challenge

The rocket challenge takes advantage of DIY & commercially available air rocket launchers. Links are provided below. The STL Download link provides the rocket nose cone, body tube and the four tail fin configurations from the challenge.

Air Rocket Launcher for Purchase or DIY

Please see AirRocketWorks Launchers. Be sure to let them know you want the launch tube that is compatible with Rippl3D’s 3D printed rockets.


Volcano Challenge 1.0

The volcano challenge test stands are simple to make. Use the STL file downloads for measurement spoons, organization stands and nozzle configurations. The remaining parts are simple to source on the internet or science shop. Have some fun and make your own designs.IMG_0009

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Wind Turbine Challenge 1.0

IMG_0090This was our first challenge design that was originally developed to showcase 3D Printed parts. Although the test stand is a really cool printed part, the costs are higher than we want for our test stands. So we redesigned it to reduce costs, see our revised WTC 2.0 Test Stand. If you want the original design that started it all, we would be happy to get it for you!

  • Not available for this version
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