Volcano Challenge Release

The newest Rippl3D Challenge, Volcano 1.0, is the first to demonstrate the best of what Rippl3D has to offer. Besides being a fun chemical engineering challenge, it’s design come from the combined talents of our users. The Volcano Challenge was conceived by a senior Chemical Engineering student, Ryan Macy, from the University of Kentucky – Lexington – GO WILDCATS! He was looking for a challenge that they could use for their E-Day (engineering day STEM event). Being familiar with Rippl3D’s other challenges, he wanted to find a way to turn the age old “Baking Soda and Vinegar” reaction into a challenge. Thanks Ryan, the Volcano Challenge ERUPTS!

The results are awesome!TS-V1-0

The Volcano Challenge required a new WebGL modeling component for the configurable 3D Printed Nozzle of the volcano. For this, Rippl3D turned to a collaboration with Pattonville High School programing teacher “Jeremiah Simmons”. Jeremiah was recognized in 2015 for his ground breaking efforts for PLTW’s new Computer Science program. He is excited to help students advance their skills into many aspects of the web. Rippl3D is working to provide students real opportunities to build their resumes and make a couple of bucks doing it!  Jeremiah is key to make this a reality by providing the students with skills and mentoring to make this possible. Thanks Jeremiah and keep up the great work!

Jeremiah SimmonsPHS Pirate colorPattonville District

The Volcano Challenge represents everything we hope to foster with Rippl3D! If you have additional challenge ideas we would love to hear from you. Please contact us with your ideas and we would be happy to follow up with you to make it a reality.


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