Materialise Includes Rippl3d On “Ideas Worth Making” Website

Rippl3D was picked up by Materialise as “Ideas Worth Making”! We are thrilled that one of the major players in the 3D Printing industry has included Rippl3D in there new effort to direct teacher to meaningful ways to use 3D Printers!

Thanks Materialise & Ideas Worth Making!

IWMlogoAbout “Ideas Worth Making”

We believe that 3D Printing can add value in education so we challenged teachers with the question: ‘’Imagine you have a 3D printer, how would you use it to make education more engaging?” The teachers had no shortage of ideas (and 3D models) which they shared on our Ideas Worth Making platform. Afterwards, we challenged Makers to further help these teachers in realizing their ideas and give education a boost.

This is how Ideas Worth Making became a platform where passionate people share Ideas and 3D models to make stuff that matters for Education.

Teachers benefit from these tools to make education more engaging, tangible and comprehensive. It will allow them to educate children in ways that once seemed only within reach of the imagination:

  • Making the invisible visible: visualize cells, viruses, and bacteria in their 3D forms
  • Making the abstract concrete: geometric shapes, a Pythagoras tree
  • Bringing the ancient back to life: saber-toothed tigers, a 3D timeline
  • Making the giant tangible: a lunar eclipse, cross-sections of planets
  • Tuning the universal to special needs: custom-made pen grips, books for the blind

Makers on the other hand enjoy having a creative project to work on and feel proud if the project will have an impact on others!

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