Volcano Challenge 1.0

Volcano Challenge 1.0

Challenge Designer:

A big shout out to Ryan Macy for the design of this challenge. Ryan, a Senior Chemical Engineering Student @ UK was the creator and designer of this challenge.




Identify to best formula in combination with a 3D Printed nozzle to create the designated eruption height!

Performance Measurement: 

Eruption Height (Inches)

Relevant STEM Principles:
Chemical Reactions
Design Variables:
  1. Volume of Vinegar (ml)
  2. Volume of Water (ml)
  3. Volume of Baking Soda (ml)
  4. Nozzle Type (Conf 1-4)


Design Considerations

  • Formulation
    • Can you have too much baking soda?
    • Do different types of vinegar affect the results?
    • How does water affect the results?
  • Nozzle
    • What style of nozzle produces the best eruption?
    • Does a restrictive nozzle help or hurt the reaction?
  • Environmental
    • How does temperature affect this reaction?
    • Does injecting the vinegar slowly change the results?

The Process

Design > Build > Test > Repeat until optimized
Safety Equipment:
  • Googles
  • Gloves
Design Your Solution:
  • Measure out the volumes of each of the chemical components you plan to test
  • Select a nozzle configuration and insert into the test chamber cap
  • Load the baking soda and water elements into the test chamber
  • Place the cap on the test chamber and put it into the volcano test stand
  • Load the syringe with the selected amount of vinegar
Test You Design:
  • Insert the syringe and inject the vinegar
  • Measure your results and have them uploaded to the leader board by the event coordinator

Challenge Types

Limited Challenge: Players combine mixtures to explore what combinations react the best to create the largest eruptions.

Unlimited Challenge: TBD


Test Stands

To understand how your design assumptions performed, you will need to “build it” then “test it”. Your test results will help you determine how to adjust your design assumptions to improve your design.

Test Stand Options
  • Build Your Own
  • Kits
  • Ready To Go

3D Printers

Our Limited challenges are designed to be compatible with most desktop printers.

  • Free Online modeler provides STL print files
  • Designed will print in 15 minutes or less
  • Material usage is minimal
Finding 3D Printing Resources
  • In Your Community
  • 3D Printer Resellers
Get Your Own 3D Printer
  • If you are a regular player, having your own 3D Printer is a great next step


As the Challenges evolve, we want to provide a space for players and mentors to collaborate on designs and concepts.

A Mentor Forum is…..


We appreciate your patience while we get this online!