MARS Rover Challenge IOS APP Released!

IOS APP Description This app makes MARS Rover Challenge event setup and team scoring easy. The leaderboard provides a fun way to track team’s progress toward solving a MARS Rover Mission. Providing an interactive way to encourage students/teams… Read More

Rippl3D Featured on WTFFF? PodCast, Check It Out!

Our own Todd VanHoogstrate was featured on the 3D Printing PodCast Episode 412. Check out the site below or even better, link into the PODCAST! WTFFF? PodCAST Link

STEAM 3D Printed Air Rocket Challenge BLAST OFF

Alright, it’s the end of summer and your looking for one more really cool thing to tell your classmates about in your “What did you do this summer?” essay. If you like rockets and have access to a… Read More

Air Rocket Challenge

Well, IMTS asked for it and now you have it. A full suite of Air Rocket Challenges to help you explore the fundamentals of rocket flight dynamics. Rippl3D challenge software provides you with the design tools that export… Read More

Volcano Challenge Release

The newest Rippl3D Challenge, Volcano 1.0, is the first to demonstrate the best of what Rippl3D has to offer. Besides being a fun chemical engineering challenge, it’s design come from the combined talents of our users. The Volcano Challenge… Read More

Rippl3D Reaches a Milestone 1,000+ In Our First Year

One year after Rippl3D began, as a modest grass roots effort, we have surpassed a major milestone. At the time of this post, 1,093 unique 3D Printed solutions have been completed by 711 players that worked to solve one of the three Rippl3D Challenges…. Read More

Association for Manufacturing Technology – Features Rippl3D Article

The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) featured the article “Rippl3D: Bridging the Gap in 3D Print Educations” in the August 2015 addition of Additive Manufacturing. We are thrilled that the industry is recognizing the role that Rippl3D can… Read More

Fair Saint Louis Winners!

Congratulations winners of the Rippl3D Wind Turbine 2.0 Challenge! Your efforts paid off with an awesome Forest Park Prize pack! Thanks for playing and enjoy the rest of your summer. SCOPEmissouri – Hosted Rippl3D in their STEAM Exhibit… Read More


You have one-of-a-kind ideas! At you can Design, Built & Test as many of them as you wish. At the 2014 IMTS Student Summit, sponsored by SME,  students did just that and collaborate to identify the best combination of… Read More


Designing a unique solution yourself has its own rewards. Seeing it Build right before your very eyes though takes it to a whole new level, as this contestant is finding out at the 2014 Rapid City “National Day… Read More